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Staying Safe This Winter

Happy New Year! Did that November snow storm catch you off guard? When winter weather hits Michigan, it tends to have the worst timing. When snowstorms like that arise, we are faced with the chore of snow and ice removal. Have you planned and purchased the proper tools for the job? If not, head out…

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Fall Property Care Guide

Cooler temperatures, tailgating, pumpkin spiced everything, caramel apples, trick-or-treating, and everyone’s favorite: leaf clean up! Right? Well, fall clean-up and leaf removal may not be anyone’s favorite, but it is a critical time for lawn care. Removing your leaves in the fall is an essential step for the health of your lawn and plants. However…

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Is It Time For A DEEP CLEAN?

Commercial Pressure Washing

Could areas of your property use power washing to help rejuvenate and add years of useful life? With Michigan’s four seasons, we see a variety of weather patterns that can cause mold, mildew, and algae to appear on our exteriors. Your property not only looks unappealing but over time can be damaged. Patios, decks, walls,…

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Beat The Heat This Summer For Greener Grass

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Felling HOT HOT HOT! July in Michigan, where the humid air can make you feel like your swimming in a pool. How is your lawn looking? Does it need a little TLC? We’ve got some suggestions for keeping your lawn green during the summer! Follow these straightforward steps to create a lawn that will make…

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Fertilizer, Mulch, and Annuals, OH MY!

Spring is in full tilt boogie. Buds are rapidly appearing, and the grass is growing. That means you are enjoying time outside getting everything in order, or your yard and planting beds are dauntingly staring back at you. Whatever category you fall under, here is a list of things to watch for as the growing…

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Tips For Battling Lawn Problems This Spring

Spring is around the corner. We promise! Spring is nature’s time for promoting new growth, even the growth of unwanted weeds and critters. As we look forward to warmer times, what are some of the things you should be keeping your eye open for in the backyard? Below is a helpful list of common lawn…

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