Summer Lawn Care Tips

Felling HOT HOT HOT! July in Michigan, where the humid air can make you feel like your swimming in a pool. How is your lawn looking? Does it need a little TLC? We’ve got some suggestions for keeping your lawn green during the summer! Follow these straightforward steps to create a lawn that will make your neighbors jealous. (Because that the point, right?) And as always, if it seems to be a daunting task, call your friends over at Weiss Property Management, we love making neighbors jealous.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

To cut your grass efficiently, keep the blades on your lawnmower nice and sharp. A dull mower blade can shred grass causing the grass to lose more moisture, resulting in dried out brittle grass. The shredded tips are at the risk of turning brown, making the lawn look dull.

Cut to the Recommended Height

A crucial step to getting your lawn growing healthy and strong is knowing what height to cut your grass. Different grasses require different lengths of grass cutting height, make sure you aren’t cutting too long or too short.

Aerate Your Lawn

Using your lawn (backyard kick-ball, corn-hole tournament, hosting a BBQ, pets, even mowing) causes the soil underneath it to become compacted. When this soil becomes very compacted, you can develop problems with air circulation, water absorption, and drainage. There is also the risk of your lawn becoming compacted enough that it has trouble absorbing nutrients. To help green-up your grass, and ensure a beautiful green color, regularly aerate your lawn.

Water Less Often

Yep, you read that correctly. Water LESS OFTEN, but for extended periods of time. A few minutes here and there doesn’t always do the trick. For a healthier and green lawn, water your grass deeply and less often. Watering on a schedule and in larger quantities allows the roots of your grass to grow deeper down into the soil. This practice helps grass stay green during our hot Michigan summers. The experts at Weiss Property Management recommend that you water your lawn with at least 1 inch of water a week.

Irrigation System

If you’re thinking about adding an irrigation system to the mix, give us a call. We come to you and survey your yard or commercial property, finding the best irrigation solution for your needs. An in-ground irrigation system helps deliver water to your grass and plantings in the most efficient way possible. We make the best irrigation solution suggestions based upon weather you have an established lawn or a new build. During our meeting you will be able to ask any questions you may have, go over expectationsm and cover the best practices.

Are you having issues? Need some timer maintenance? WPM can help with any trouble you may be having, including adjusting irrigation heads so that water is being delivered as close to the target as possible which helps avoid water loss due to evaporation. Do you need someone to assist with spring start-up and winterization? Our helpful and knowledgeable team is here to help with your home or commercial irrigation systems.

Hot Tip: A) When you will install an irrigation system water bills will go up. Don’t be alarmed- research what you think your water consumption will be to estimate your financial commitment. B) Hire a professional plumber to have a second meter installed. This will save on sewer costs.

Are you sick of being in the heat and want to throw in the towel? Weiss Property Management offers an all-inclusive package to keep you out of the sun. Please contact us at (989) 778-1108 to schedule a consultation today!