Spring is in full tilt boogie. Buds are rapidly appearing, and the grass is growing. That means you are enjoying time outside getting everything in order, or your yard and planting beds are dauntingly staring back at you. Whatever category you fall under, here is a list of things to watch for as the growing season begins:


May is the perfect time to install new mulch or replace old mulch with stone. Weiss Property Management offers mulching services to make sure your beds are in tip-top shape. Tired of replacing mulch year after year? Stone is another option that helps to deter weeds and keeps your beds looking clean and organized.

Tree & Lawn Fertilizer

How are your trees? Critters and diseases like to form during the winter months causing damage. Tree and lawn fertilization are helpful in supporting your plants reach their full potential. Fertilizers are minerals, usually comprised of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These nutrients must first dissolve in water so that plants can absorb them through their roots, providing plants with the essential chemical elements needed for growth.

Weiss Property Management’s state licensed, and certified applicators will keep your lawn weed free and protect it from bugs and disease with regular fertilizer applications. We believe firmly in protecting the environment (and your pocketbook), so we will work with you to determine the fertilizer product and applications that best suit you and your lawn.


The season of planting annuals is upon us, and May is prime time! Add a seasonal punch of color to your landscape or outdoor space with colorful annuals. Below are a few annuals to keep in mind, depending on your sun exposure. Check out this link for a helpful guide about when and how to plant annuals.

Sun-Loving Annuals: Impatiens, begonia, and coleus
Shade-Tolerant Annuals: Dusty miller, verbena, and marigolds

Lawn Mowing

Looking for a way to delegate your summer? What about finding a way to spend more time outside enjoying your lawn as opposed to mowing and pruning? Maybe you are a business that wants to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Avoid the upkeep and look no further than the residential and commercial lawn mowing options offered by Weiss Property Management. Our clean and professional staff will regularly mow and maintain your lawn, providing a weekly or bi-weekly mowing service. With WPM, the hassle of managing your grounds will be a thing of the past. With a dedicated and reliable team, you can count on the fact that your lawn will be crisp and clean looking throughout the year.

Bonus: Enlisting the pros at Weiss Property Management also allows us to alert you of any areas that require immediate attention. Early lawn problem detection avoids the chance of bigger problems popping up. Literally.