Spring is around the corner. We promise! Spring is nature’s time for promoting new growth, even the growth of unwanted weeds and critters. As we look forward to warmer times, what are some of the things you should be keeping your eye open for in the backyard? Below is a helpful list of common lawn problems and how you can battle them. Not interested in a battle? Weiss Property Management can do this for you! We offer a free consultation and advice to get the backyard you desire.

“Green-ness”– Is your lawn is a bit “duller” than you want it to be? Your grass may need a proper fertilizer program. Fertilizer is the perfect way to add necessary nutrients and supplement that your soil is lacking.

Dog Damage– Is Spot (or Rover) leaving spots in your lawn? If so, chicken wire can be a great aid in keeping dogs out of specific regions of the yard. You can also even out the color by soaking them with a hose. (The spots, not the dog.) Fun Fact: Male urine is less acidic and creates less havoc in your yard than female urine. Are spots really irritating you? Vitamins can be given to your dog diluting the acidity in their urine so they aren’t leaving any unwanted spots.

Crabgrass– It’s great at weeding out the competition by germinating first and claiming territory. To keep weeds from spreading, remove them, and quickly re-plant those open areas with grass seed.

Brown Areas or Dry Spots– This can happen when your grass is too compact, and water isn’t reaching the roots. Annual aerating and power raking (thatching) removes dead grass allowing the moisture to soak in and support increased root growth. Combined with over-seeding, this can create a carpet like thickness in your lawn keeping unwanted weeds and diseases away.

Moss & Shade– Peanut butter & jelly. White & rice. You get it. Moss & shade go together. Pruning or reducing the yard shade areas can help reduce unwanted mossy areas.

Chronic Lawn Problems– Patchy grass that doesn’t want to grow anything? It may be the soil, not the grass. Having your soil tested will discover useful information for developing a treatment plan. Weiss Property Management can provide any of these services just a call or e-mail away.

Pesky Critters– Finding Zen with your turf isn’t the only thing keeping you from a lush yard. Sometimes grubs, moles, and other pests find themselves an unwanted home. Kill them quick with a pesticide or organically with a predatory nematode, a slow-moving black bug that doesn’t harm earthworms or plants.

Are you awaiting spring’s warmer weather, but not the yard work that goes along with it? Preparing your yard or outdoor space for spring can be a daunting task. Taking the time to get your property ready for the upcoming season makes things more manageable, leaving you with time to enjoy your summer.

Don’t have the time? Not sure where to start? Turn to Weiss Property Management. Michigan’s fall and winter months can wreak havoc on your lawn and landscaping. If kept unchecked, debris can cause dead spots or damage throughout the winter. Weeds that germinated last fall hunker down and take deep root as the weather breaks. Spring presents a perfect time to get your lawn or landscaping back on track by repairing any damage or problem areas. Don’t let lawn problems put a damper on your happy outdoor space. Start the season off right with a spring clean up that will get your property ready for the upcoming growing season.

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